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Open Warehouse: We are now selling cheese out of our warehouse at Arch 5, Voyager Estate South, SE16 4RP London. Bermondsey Underground Station. It's on the corner of Spa and Rouel Roads, - we are in the same arch as Alaena and John, Fruit & Veg. Come down for warehouse only discounts.

Saturdays 9am to 2pm. 



World Cheese Awards

Congratulations to all the cheesemakers that Boerenkaas represents!

The medals flow for Dutch farmhouse cheeses at the World Cheese Awards.

From over 2500 cheeses Old Remeker was place among the final 12!!


Welcome To A World Of Cheese!

What is Boerenkaas?

Boerenkaas is Dutch for ‘farmer’s cheese’. It is used to describe cheeses that have been hand-made on the farm using pure unpasteurised milk from the farm’s own herds.

To try the great taste for yourself, find us at 104 Druid Street, SE1 3HQ Saturday throughout the year. 9am to 2pm.

welcome to Boerenkaas

Why choose Boerenkaas?

In the UK, the common perception of Dutch cheeses (think supermarket Edam and Gouda) is that they are bland and rubbery. However, there is much more to Dutch cheese than these unappetising factory-produced products.

Tasty Cheese!

Our cheeses are made in small batches on the farm from beautiful raw milk. That's what makes them so tasty!