World Cheese Awards

Congratulations to all the cheesemakers that Boerenkaas represents!

The medals flow for Dutch farmhouse cheeses at the World Cheese Awards.

From over 2500 cheeses Old Remeker was place among the final 12!!

Old Remeker won Gold in its class before going on to be tasted amongst the best 12 cheeses in the World!! It went on to win the prestigious award of Best Dutch Cheese 2008.

Boeren Edammer, the only farmhouse made raw-milk Edam in the world won a Gold medal in the Edam class.

Romero, a 6 month old raw-milk cows cheese with a rind encrusted with rosemary leaves won a silver medal in the hard cows milk cheese with herbs class.

And last but not least, Terschelling Schapenkaas won a bronze medal in the plain ewes milk cheese class.

To read more information about the World Cheese Awards click here.

Jersey Cheese Awards

Oude Remeker wins the title of Supreme Champion at the World Jersey Cheese Awards 2008.

Cheese expert Chris Ashby commended the Oude Remeker for its "full melt in the mouth flavour, rich colour and superb texture".

For a full write up click here and a shorter one from the BBC here.

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