Our Cheeses

We currently have several cheeses available.

For more information on how our cheeses are made, contact us.

A selection of cheeses

Remeker Pure

These fantastic organic cheeses are made by Irene and Jan Dirk van der Voort on their farm in Lunteren. They have a herd of 100 Jersey cows which they nurture to produce wonderful rich creamy organic milk.


Wilde Weide

This deliciously creamy cheese is made by Roos and Jan van Schie on their farm in Warmond, near Leiden. It is located on a small island known as the Zwanburgerpolder, so can only be reached by boat. The farm has been in Janís family for over 125 years, and he and Roos have been making cheese there for 25 years.

Wilde Weide cheese


Terschelling Schapenkaas

These cheeses are made by Yolanda and Gerben Bakker on the farm on the small island of Terschelling in the far north of Holland. They have a approximately 120 sheep that produce beautiful organic milk which is made into cheese, yoghurts and ice creams.


2 + Year Old Aged Gouda

These cheeses have been handmade and matured for 2+ years by Wim Verway on his farm near Utrecht. Underneath the mottled brown rind lies an intensely sharp yet creamy cheese with the distinctive crunch that you'd expect when tasting a traditionally aged Gouda. Wim's cheeses are made with raw milk and traditional rennet.


This cheese is a gouda that has been spiced up with the addition of cumin seeds. It produces a lovely bright spiced flavour that's goes particularly well with beer. These wonderful raw milk cheeses have been made and matured for 6-8months by Mr Verway on his farm just outside of Utrecht.